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How to distinguish the quality of the brake disc

Vehicle safety is a matter of concern for modern people, and brake discs account for a large proportion of safety factors in determining vehicles. Today we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of brake discs. The
1. Listen to the sound to judge the quality of the brake disc. The owner can judge the quality of the brake disc by listening to the sound, especially after the vehicle has been used for a long time. For example, when the brakes are lightly braked, the brake pads may rub against the brake discs or loud sounds. If this is the case, you can try two more times to prevent the brakes from running-in. When the sheet is just replaced, it is best to check and replace the brake disc at this time. The
2, see the thickness judgment. There are several small pits on the surface of the brake disc. These pits represent the degree of wear of the brake disc. If the depth of the pit is found to be 1.5mm, it is recommended that the owner replace the brake disc. The
3, judging by the indicator light. There is a warning light on the instrument lamp to detect the brake disc, which is generally off. However, when the indicator light is on, it indicates that the brake disc is faulty or worn out. At this time, the owner must go to the repair shop to inspect the brake disc. The
The above method is to determine the quality of the brake disc, in order not to affect our normal travel and ensure the normal braking effect, the owner usually do a good job of maintenance of the brake disc, pay attention to details.