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Brake disk refurbishment technology

The wear and tear of the brake disc during use will lead to unevenness and deformation of the surface, which is unfavorable for driving safety. At present, there are two solutions. One is to replace the brake with a new one, and the other is to continue to use the brake after being refurbished. There are as many as tens of thousands of new brakes, and throwing away the brakes is a waste. The latter, everyone can go to buy a CD-ROM machine to renovate the brake disk, you can save a lot of money. The
This brake disc refurbishing technology is to refurbish damaged brake discs on the premise of ensuring the safety performance of brake discs, so that the surface finish of the reconditioned brake discs is the same as the new brake discs, with the same use effect and safety performance, greatly reducing Costs and prices save the owner a lot of money. The process is mainly composed of an engine and its transmission wheel, a fixed mold of a brake disc, a combined cutter and a positioning frame, wherein one end of a brake disc fixing mold is engaged with a transmission porch, and the other end is connected with a positioning rack; The combined tool consists of two tools. The tool heads are respectively attached to the two sides of the disc surface. The
The above is the explanation of the brake disc refurbishment. If you want to know more about the brake disc, welcome to our company for advice.