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How does the brake disc rust?

Brake discs are generally made of iron and have a poor working environment. If they are not used for a long time, they will gradually rust. This is normal, but these rusts will affect the normal operation of the brake system. Therefore, the rust on the brake disc must be removed in time. Next, we will bring you several ways to remove rust from the brakes. The
If the rust is very light, you don't have to deal with it specifically, because it will wear out when you use the vehicle more than a few times. However, if the rust is severe, it will cause the brake disc surface to be uneven. At this time, it is best to drive the vehicle into the repair shop and polish the rust with sandpaper. After cleaning, check whether there is any abnormality on the surface of the brake pad. After the installation is completed, you must also conduct a road test. Drive on a flat road at a speed of 70 mph/h, and perform multiple brakings to ensure that there are no abnormalities. The
If the rust is too severe, the garage is powerless. Therefore, if the vehicle is not used for a long period of time, the vehicle will be regularly maintained on the vehicle so as not to cause serious rust on the brake disc.