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What is the difference between brake discs and brake pads?

Many people are involved in the replacement of brake discs and brake pads when they are repairing cars. However, many people have their own cars and can't tell the difference between these two things. They always feel the same thing. In fact, the brake disc and the brake pad are not the same thing. It has to interact with each other to play a braking role. Today I will talk about the difference between the brake discs and the brake pads. The
First of all, if you look at the brake disc, you can see it literally. This thing should look like a plate. The brake discs mentioned here are generally four-wheel disc brakes on the configuration table provided in the shop or discs in the front and rear drums. The brake discs rotate with the rolling of the wheels, and different structures can be made depending on the production cost and effect, such as a solid disc or a brake disc with a vent. In short, it is a rotatable disc. The brake pad, it can be understood as a sheet, because it is a lot smaller than the brake disc, if the brake disc is rolling with the wheel, then the brake pad is relative to the vertical vehicle movement, it is The only thing that can keep it moving is the need for braking. It will transversely strike the brakes and achieve the desire to stop the vehicle. The
Finally, the owner can decide whether or not to replace the brake disc and the brake pad based on the abnormal brake sound, soft brake, and indicator disc.