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How to clean the brake drum

Nowadays, more and more car models are available. The same is true for brake drums. Especially for those dense models, there will be many unclean stains on the gaps. Nowadays, the hubs of cars are mostly made of aluminum alloy materials. To maintain the beautiful appearance of the wheels, besides taking extra care to prevent accidental damage to the brake drums during driving, the hubs should be regularly maintained and maintained. So what methods do we use to clean the brake drum?
After the brake pads wear out, the iron powder adheres to the steel rings, causing the appearance to deteriorate and no longer being shiny. This is difficult to remove. To remove this need to prepare the wheel cleaning agent, or head water can be, and then use a toothbrush, wipes, clean water for cleaning. In addition to wheel cleaning agents, the use of toilet cleaners to clean brake drums is also effective. The main ingredient of toilet cleaners is hydrochloric acid, which has a strong corrosive effect, so it needs to be diluted before use. Corrosion works well for stubborn stain removal, but it can cause damage to the paint protection layer of the brake drum, so control the dosage and rinse with clean water to avoid residue. The
Some brake drums are too dense to be cleaned. When repairing it, everyone can choose the kind of simple shape of the hub when replacing the brake drum, do not choose too complex wheel type wheels.