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How often should the brake disc change

The maximum wear limit of the brake disc is two millimeters. After applying the limit, it is necessary to replace the new brake disc. In practical use alone, most car owners do not strictly enforce this specification. In fact, how often the brake disc is changed, the frequency of change depends on the individual's driving habits, and the general specification is as follows:
1. Look at the replacement frequency of the brake pads. If the replacement frequency of the brake disc is very high, it is necessary to check the thickness of the brake disc. Because the use of the brake pad is relatively worn with the use of the brake disc, check the brake disc regularly. The
2, the owner can also consider a certain law to exchange. For example, replace the brake disc every time you replace the brake pads. The
3, according to the wear and tear to determine. In addition to normal wear of brake discs, there is wear due to the quality of brake pads or brake discs and foreign objects formed during normal operation. If the brake hub is worn out by foreign bodies, some deeper grooves or discs are worn and there is an error, it is recommended to replace them. Due to this kind of wear, misunderstanding will directly affect our driving safety. The
4, check the brake disc wear and tear. Check if there is more than one millimeter of deep groove on the brake disc, check whether the thickness of both sides of the brake pad is the same, whether the brake disc is uneven or cracked. If the above problem occurs, you need to replace the brake disc immediately. 5, the life of the brake disc is determined according to the quality of the brake disc itself and the owner's personal driving habits. In most cases, the service life of brake discs should be more than 100,000 kilometers.