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The difference between punching and not punching

The brake discs are mainly divided into physical brake discs and ventilated brake discs. The physical brake discs are often referred to as non-porous brake discs, and the ventilating discs are referred to as bored brake discs. What are the two brake discs? The difference is that we will introduce it to you today. The
1, ventilation brakes. Because of the presence of holes, ventilation brake discs are relatively complex to manufacture first, and the holes are bound to reduce the rigidity of the entire plate to some extent. Therefore, the use of materials will be more demanding. Therefore, the price Higher, the cost of replacement will be higher. However, in use, the ventilating plate can improve the cooling performance of the brake disc, reduce its thermal attenuation, and provide better braking ability. The
2. The brake disc is not punched. The non-perforated brake disc is also a physical brake disc. This kind of brake disc is usually a simple structure and is a solid brake disc of an overall form, so it is relatively simple at the time of manufacture, so the cost is relatively low, and it is relatively low at the time of purchase. It's cheap, and the solid disc is more solid in structure, and its rigidity is not easy to be bad.