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Brake disc manufacturer tells you not to frequently apply brakes

It is not a bad habit to frequently apply the brakes. Explain that your security awareness is in place. If every driver has a good sense of safety like you, then traffic accidents can be avoided a lot. In the usual driving, be careful not to step on the brakes frequently. In addition to the brake system itself related parts, oil inspection and maintenance, the driver's driving habits have a great impact on the brake system, such as the Panshan Highway can not frequently brake when the line is not down, this will make the brakes ( Drums) If you lose heat and lose the brake function, you must hang a low gear and use the traction of the engine to assist the brakes. At the same time, it must be remembered that the engine cannot be turned off and the engine's vacuum assist is lacking, and the braking system is equivalent to "disabled."
The inspection and maintenance of the brake system must not only pay attention to the working conditions of the brake system itself, such as the stable performance of the brake pads and brake fluid, but also pay attention to the driving habits of our drivers, which has an important impact on the quality of the brake system.