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The difference between disc brakes and drum brakes

First, the drum brake has a cast iron shape similar to the tambourine, called the brake drum, which is fixed with the tire and rotates at the same speed. The disc brake has the advantages of better reactivity and stability, better heat dissipation, and easy replacement. Drum brakes have lower cost and higher absolute braking force and are used more often in the rear wheels of small cars. However, its wear rate is high and therefore the overall cost is high. The
Second, the disc brake disc (disc) is divided into ordinary disc type and ventilation disc type. The
Ordinary disc type is solid. The ventilated disc type has a ventilation effect, meaning that the centrifugal force generated by the car during the exercise can convect the gas and achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, which is determined by the special structure of the disc type disc. The
From the outside, it has a lot of holes in the circle leading to the center of the circle. They are made by special processes, so they are much better than ordinary discs. The
Of course, due to the relationship between manufacturing process and cost, the front ventilated discs and rear disc brake discs are usually used in mid- to high-class cars, and the high-quality cars use front and rear ventilating discs. In addition, most economical cars use front-rear-plate rear brake pads. The front plate used here is generally an ordinary plate rather than a ventilated plate.